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  • Sale!
    The 30 Watt LED RGBW Landscape Light from Lighting SouthWest is available for purchase. The color-changing LED bullet light is best used for indoor and outdoor lighting including landscape lighting, building lighting, flag pole lighting, and more. Purchase the remote ($18.00 extra) to be able to control the colors and brightness from far distances. Call our team today to order the 30 Watt LED RGBW landscape light and to add the remote to your order!
  • We have LED Ring Light Fixtures For Sale that are high-quality, available in all sizes, K ratings, and 38watts - 471watts. Commercial LED ring lights are excellent for restaurants, retail shops, hotels, and many other commercial buildings to help add a certain level of ambiance. Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!  
  • Carport Lights For Sale From Lighting SouthWest

    The LED Solar Strip Head carport light is the first model of all in one solar lighting system for outdoor use as a solar powered carport light. This light is composed by built-in microwave sensor, Lithium battery and high quality MPPT controller and led light source. This outdoor solar LED carport lighting fixture is the perfect solution to be used for the projects that require high brightness and long periods of lighting, like car parks, refugee tents, bus stations, shelters, etc.  There are more than 70 different modes of lighting built into the controller, and can easily be set by the remote controller. Purchase your carport lights from Lighting SouthWest or browse a variety of our other solar powered LED strip lighting fixtures today. Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!
  • Wall Pack Lights are the perfect lighting solution for factory workshops, gyms, industrial lighting, and wall lighting area. The Wall Pack LED Light Fixtures for sale through Lighting SouthWest are available in 30W-80W, are equipped with high power Samsung led chips, are UL TUV approved Meanwell driver, and include aluminum housing for good heat dissipation.
  • Sale!
    RGB LED Landscape lighting fixtures from Lighting SouthWest are the perfect way to illuminate and add some color to the exterior of any property. Lighting SouthWest has top quality 12 watt RGB LED yard spotlights for sale that you can can trust to work when you're most dependent on them. We also offer a 6 watt and 30 watt option for special orders. To order the 6 watt or 30 watt led landscape light options, please contact Lighting SouthWest directly by calling (888) 754-9006 or email us at sales@lightingsw.com. Purchase your 12 Watt RDB LED Landscape Lights Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!  
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