The Lighting Southwest shop has an amazing selection of lighting options for many different needs. Lights and accessories for both residential and commercial lighting are available, as well as a wide variety of outdoor and indoor lights for sale. No matter if you need strip lighting for your outdoor area, solar-powered outdoor cameras, come to us and browse our available solar lighting products.

Our shop has a variety of payment methods available, and we also offer free shipping anywhere in the United States on orders over $49, so we are the place to shop solar & LED lighting fixtures. Order now, and we will deliver your products of choice in no time.

  • Retrofit LED downlights, also known as LED can lights are available in 5 inch - 6 inch retrofit trim.  The LED recessed lighting fixtures for sale from Lighting SouthWest is dimmable and has a color temperature of 3000K-5000K. Purchase the 12W retrofit LED downlight is low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and easy to install. Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!  
  • Solar Lamp Post Lights in Outdoor Solar Lighting 

    Solar post lights make excellent accent lights to illuminate the areas you need with an appealing look. The 12-watt lamp post lights for sale through Lighting SouthWest are easy to install and utilize solar energy which helps cut back on light pollution and decrease costs. Our team of experts suggests installing your solar post lights at a height of 8ft-10ft depending on where you're installing it. The solar panel, LED light, controller and battery are contained in the lamp and included with your solar post light purchase. To learn more about the 12-watt lamp post lights we have stock, call us today or contact us online. The Lighting SouthWest team is here to help with your residential and commercial outdoor solar lighting needs! Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!
  • LED strip light fixtures from Lighting SouthWest save up to 60% in electricity consumption compared to fluorescent lighting fixtures. They are the perfect replacement for T8 fluorescent luminaires and include IP65 LED module waterproof luminaire. Purchase 1x4 LED strip lights for sale online or over the phone from Lighting SouthWest today! Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!
  • The product quickly sleeps and wakes up quickly to achieve intelligent power saving
    • Adopt a high-performance 1/2" black light full-color image processor
    • Solar rechargeable built-in battery
    • 1080P HD video
    • Ultra-low power consumption, long standby
    • Built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way voice intercom
    • Sound and light alarm function
    • Support cloud storage local storage.
    • APP supports Android/IOS
    • Metal body, IP65 outdoor waterproof
  • Solar LED Bollard Lights From Lighting SouthWest

    This 4W Solar LED Bollard light works for 23 hours once fully charged. It has an automatic wake up function and controls the amount of light that is displayed. This bollard is an easy installation process with no trenching and no cabling. When constructing the solar LED bollard lights, we use A grade mono-crystalline solar cell to gain the maximum amount of solar energy. Solar LED Bollard exterior landscape lights allow you to properly illuminate your front and backyards and create a beautiful landscape that is aesthetically pleasing. Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today! 
  • LED 2x2 Flat Panel - LED Panel Light Fixtures - Lighting Southwest LED 2×2 flat panel lights are high-grade light fixtures that have wattages that range from 32 watts-40 watts. LED panel light fixtures can typically be found in factories, hotels, retail shops, grocery stores, and other commercial buildings because they save 50% more energy than fluorescent tubes and produce less heat causing consumers to use less air conditioning. Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!
  • LED 2x4 flat panel lights from Lighting SouthWest can vary in wattages.  Typically, you can find flat panel lights in hotels, factories, grocery stores, retail shops, commercial building, etc. They are a popular option for commercial lighting as they allow consumers to save 50% more energy than fluorescent tubes and they also produce low amount of heat which causes less air conditioning to be used as well. Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!
  • 2x4 LED Troffer Lights are commercial flat LED ceiling lights that designed as a direct replacement for fluorescent luminaires. They are installed into grid ceilings and deliver general ambient lighting in a variety of indoor settings. The high-efficacy luminaire provides long-life and uniform illumination in both new construction and retrofit applications. Browse our 2x4 LED troffer lights that are available in 35 watts - 50 watts. Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!
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    Browse LED Post Top Fixtures and Other LED Pole Lights with Pole Top Light Fixtures Below

    This LED post top fixture from Lighting SouthWest replaces conventional area lights, has high-output and has a long-life period. Our environmentally friendly polyester powder coatings are formulated for high-durability and long-lasting color, and contains no VOC or toxic heavy metals. The LED 360 pole top light fixture for sale are available in 30w and are mostly used for commercial or residential street and parking lot lighting. Browse the wide selection of other LED pole lights and LED post top light fixtures today!
    Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!

  • Outdoor 50 Watt LED Flood Lights for sale through Lighting SouthWest are high-quality and produce 7200 lumens. We have 5,000 in stock and are prepared to assist you with your purchase online or over the phone.
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