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RGB Flood Lights From Lighting SouthWest

This particular color changing LED & solar flood light is a 30-watt RGB flood light. It comes with a remote control that allows you to change the color of the light to display any color you want.  Best of all, with improved technology, this light fixture has a dusk to dawn sensor that turns the light on and off when appropriate. Review more specifics about our RGB flood light below or shop the various other solar powered flood lights available for sale.

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RGB flood lights are an extremely beneficial addition to any exterior home security system. There are many benefits of purchasing and using color changing LED & solar flood lights from Lighting SouthWest including:

  • Extreme Versatility: RGB flood lights produce light in various colors that can be changed and used for any occasion. Whether you want to change colors to make the exterior of your house more attractive, brighten a simple garden, or light up the backyard weekend barbeque, color changing LED & solar flood lights are the way to go.
  • Excellent Cost-Effectiveness: Although LED lights can be more expensive up front, the lifespan energy efficiency of LED RGB flood flights will make the cost worth while.
  • Powerful External Illumination: Color changing LED & solar flood lights from Lighting SouthWest produce incredible amounts of light output for a wide and long-range. This benefit makes RGB flood lights the best option for illuminating driveways, large yards, etc.


Solar Color Changing Flood Light


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