Solar LED Yard Lights

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Looking for a variety of solar led yard lights? Whether you are looking for safety lighting with solar LED floodlights or simply a solar outdoor post, Lighting SouthWest has the solar powered light fixture solution. All of our products are designed for energy efficiency and maximum lighting. Choose from any of our solar LED yard lights and other outdoor lights for sale. Order online today from the solar powered light fixture supplier you can trust and start saving energy. Lighting SouthWest has the best selection of outdoor lights for sale at the lowest prices!

  • Solar Lamp Post Lights in Outdoor Solar Lighting 

    Solar post lights make excellent accent lights to illuminate the areas you need with an appealing look. The 12-watt lamp post lights for sale through Lighting SouthWest are easy to install and utilize solar energy which helps cut back on light pollution and decrease costs. Our team of experts suggests installing your solar post lights at a height of 8ft-10ft depending on where you're installing it. The solar panel, LED light, controller and battery are contained in the lamp and included with your solar post light purchase. To learn more about the 12-watt lamp post lights we have stock, call us today or contact us online. The Lighting SouthWest team is here to help with your residential and commercial outdoor solar lighting needs! Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!
  • Solar LED Bollard Lights From Lighting SouthWest

    This 4W Solar LED Bollard light works for 23 hours once fully charged. It has an automatic wake up function and controls the amount of light that is displayed. This bollard is an easy installation process with no trenching and no cabling. When constructing the solar LED bollard lights, we use A grade mono-crystalline solar cell to gain the maximum amount of solar energy. Solar LED Bollard exterior landscape lights allow you to properly illuminate your front and backyards and create a beautiful landscape that is aesthetically pleasing. Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today! 
  • Carport Lights For Sale From Lighting SouthWest

    The LED Solar Strip Head carport light is the first model of all in one solar lighting system for outdoor use as a solar powered carport light. This light is composed by built-in microwave sensor, Lithium battery and high quality MPPT controller and led light source. This outdoor solar LED carport lighting fixture is the perfect solution to be used for the projects that require high brightness and long periods of lighting, like car parks, refugee tents, bus stations, shelters, etc.  There are more than 70 different modes of lighting built into the controller, and can easily be set by the remote controller. Purchase your carport lights from Lighting SouthWest or browse a variety of our other solar powered LED strip lighting fixtures today. Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!
  • RGB Flood Lights From Lighting SouthWest

    This particular color changing LED & solar flood light is a 30-watt RGB flood light. It comes with a remote control that allows you to change the color of the light to display any color you want.  Best of all, with improved technology, this light fixture has a dusk to dawn sensor that turns the light on and off when appropriate. Review more specifics about our RGB flood light below or shop the various other solar powered flood lights available for sale. Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!
  • Quickly and effectively decorate any outdoor space without needing to find an electrical outlet. This high-quality 32.5 feet of color changing rope light is solar powered for festive lighting anywhere you need it. Great for holidays, special occasions or adding ambiance to your outdoor spaces. Available online or in-stock at our local showroom in Tempe, AZ.
  • This Solar LED flood light has 100-watts of power, is programmable, and includes a remote control that give you control of the light from far distances. Because of the solar panel, it can be remotely installed away from the fixture which allows you to install the solar outdoor LED flood lights where you need. For your demands, see also our most recent Solar High Quality Flood Light 200-watt.  
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