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LED Post Tops

LED Outdoor Post Top Lights

Post-top lighting is a type of outdoor lighting mounted on poles and placed in pathways, roadways, and parking lots. These decorative post-top fixtures are ideal for illuminating areas with foot traffic. At Lighting SouthWest, are a reputable LED and Solar light dealer and offer commercial outdoor lighting for sale, quality LED post top lights, outdoor post top lights and other lighting products throughout the nation.

Why LED Post Tops?

LED products are always a brilliant option for lighting outdoor spaces like pathways and walkways because of how they generate and distribute light. In LED post-top lights, semiconductors are used to generate light, as opposed to HID lamps, which consume energy from the source.

Unlike HID lamps that utilize a single bulb and shiny reflectors to reflect the light, our LED fixtures use multiple diodes, each with its own optics. This results in a more even distribution of light across the area you want to illuminate. Here are some essential benefits of LED post tops

  • Provide Extra Security and Safety – outdoor post top lights make it much easier to navigate walkways and outdoor stairs at night. Besides this, our LED post tops help increase your home’s protection against burglary and vandalism. They deter potential criminals from attempting to break into your home.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – with outdoor LED post tops from Lighting SouthWest, you don’t stop enjoying the visual appeal of your home after sunset. You can use these lightings to accentuate some of the most aesthetically pleasing features in your home, such as a swimming pool.
  • Practicality – LED light fixtures are great for outdoor spaces like parking lots, commercial and residential streets because they are durable, produce better lighting effects, and require minimal maintenance. Browse our collection of outdoor post top lights and commercial outdoor lighting for sale today.

Need LED Outdoor Post Top Lights for Your Home or Businesses’ Exterior? We Can Help

If you are looking for reliable outdoor space lighting solutions, we at Lighting SouthWest are ready to help. We stock durable post-top lights in various designs, shapes, and sizes to suit your unique lighting needs. Please browse our website and order yours now from our rich selection.

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