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LED Bollards

LED Bollard Lights For Sale

If you’re looking to create the ideal landscaping scene, you need to pay more attention to details, especially lighting. One of the best lighting solutions you should consider for a landscaping project is LED bollard lights.

At Lighting SouthWest, we are a leading supplier for LED bollard lights, which you can use to light up pathways, courtyards, and areas around commercial buildings. You can also use our LED bollard lights for sale to highlight or create an appealing ambiance around residential communities, malls, office buildings, hospitals, and parks.

These outdoor solar powered bollard lights are a brilliant way of adding a touch of style and security and maintaining ADA compliance of commonly used outdoor areas.

Benefits of Installing LED Bollard Lights at Your Home

  • Variety of Color Temperatures

When installing LED bollard lighting, you can choose any color temperature that suits your setting. This means that you’ll get your preferred glow to match with the rest of your lighting system for a more cohesive ambiance.

  • You Get the Best Wattage to Lumen Ratio

Our LED bollard lights tend to consume less energy than their lumen output; thus, they can help save you energy bills in the long run. Also, you can get outdoor solar-powered bollard lights for your landscape space. These lights provide you with excellent lighting and security while relying on free sunlight for energy.

  • Endless Design Abilities

The beauty of LED bollard lights is that they come in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, and some of them are fitted with exclusive dimming and timing features. This means that besides offering the much-needed illumination and ambiance to your outdoor space, you can use them to add aesthetic value to your landscape.

Looking for LED Bollard Lights for Sale to Enhance Your Landscape? Get in Touch

Whether you are looking for LED bollard lights or outdoor solar powered bollard lights for sale, our team at Lighting SouthWest is ready to help you select your superior LED lighting products. Please contact us today to place an order or easily place your order online today!

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