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Flat Panel LED Light Fixtures

Flat LED Light Panels For Sale

We carry an extensive selection of flat panel LED light fixtures. Our inventory has everything you need from LED Recessed Lighting to LED ceiling lighting panels. If you don’t see it, give us a call at 888-754-9006 and we will help you get what you need. If you are working on a large project give us a call so we can create a customized package for you. Lighting SouthWest is notorious for getting you the best deals on quality flat LED light panels and other various lighting fixtures. Our team consists of electric professionals who will walk you through the different options that will work for your space and your budget.

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    LED 2×2 Flat Panel

    $110.00 $89.99
    LED 2x2 Flat Panel - LED Panel Light Fixtures - Lighting Southwest LED 2×2 flat panel lights are high-grade light fixtures that have wattages that range from 32 watts-40 watts. LED panel light fixtures can typically be found in factories, hotels, retail shops, grocery stores, and other commercial buildings because they save 50% more energy than fluorescent tubes and produce less heat causing consumers to use less air conditioning. Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!
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    LED 2x4 flat panel lights from Lighting SouthWest can vary in wattages.  Typically, you can find flat panel lights in hotels, factories, grocery stores, retail shops, commercial building, etc. They are a popular option for commercial lighting as they allow consumers to save 50% more energy than fluorescent tubes and they also produce low amount of heat which causes less air conditioning to be used as well. Purchase Online Now Or Call To Complete Your Order Today!
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