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LED Troffer, Flat Panel, & Ceiling Lights

LED Solar Security Lights

At Lighting Southwest, we offer a multitude of indoor and outdoor led lighting fixtures that you can choose from including LED troffer, flat panel, and ceiling light fixtures. LED, otherwise known as, “light emitting diode”, is a more energy-efficient source of light compared to incandescent light bulbs. They are also more cost-effective because of the extended life expectancy. LED bulbs typically do not “burn out”, but instead the brightness of the light tends to decreases over time.

One of the more popular certifications consumers may recognize is the Energy Star Certification which approves energy-efficient lighting products for residential purposes. The UL (Underwriter Laboratories) Certification decides product safety and whether the product is a safer lighting device. Our products have been tested and certified for efficiency and safety by both of these certification programs!

Browse our selection of indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures below to start your energy-efficient and cost-effective journey with LED lights. Call the experts at Lighting SouthWest if you have any questions or need assistance choosing your LED light fixture.

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