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LED Troffer Lights

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Lighting SouthWest provides flat panel LED troffer lights, also known as LED indoor recessed lights. These LED light fixtures are commonly used in offices, schools, retail buildings, and hospitals because of the energy efficiency, low maintenance cost, and light performance they produce. Troffer lights also work great as an LED kitchen and office light panel to light up the entire space and ensure productivity amongst your employees. We have square (2×2) and rectangle (2×4) flat panel LED troffer light options that allow you to fit the lighting into the existing space.

When choosing your flat panel LED troffer lights, pay attention to the wattage, correlated color temperature (CCT), lumens, and color rendering index (CRI). At Lighting SouthWest, our LED light panels range from 25-50 watts and 3,125-6,350 Lumens depending on the light fixture. Our lights have a CCT of 6,000-6,500K which is considering a “cool” light, typically white to light blue. Light sources with 80-90 CRI are considered a great source of color rendering capacity; our LED flat light panels measure an 85 CRI. Browse our selection of flat panel LED troffer lights today to find the perfect LED kitchen and office light panels to add to your space. If you have any questions or are unsure of which version of troffer light you need, give our experts at Lighting SouthWest a call today and we would be happy to assist you!

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