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LED Linear Ring Lights

Lighting Southwest offers some of the best LED Linear Ring Lights on the market. Our led panel lights provide your space with an elegant atmosphere that looks as good as it functions. These beautiful lights will light up any room and are perfect centerpieces for commercial offices, conference rooms, and lobbies.

These LED fixtures last roughly 10,000 hours without any maintenance, and allow you to focus on the more important things in your building. These lights have increased durability, featuring smart, advanced lighting technology. Our LED Linear Ring Lights will use less electricity than your typical bulb saving you on your energy bill every month.

The LED Light fixtures for sale come in a variety of K ratings, to light any retail, commercial, or hotel space. You can tailor your selection to have anywhere from 38 to 471 watts. These lights will help your building go green, as these LED Linear Ring Lights are energy efficient and use less electricity than your typical bulb. Whether for your lobby, retail shop, or a large gathering facility, you’ll take comfort in knowing you’ve selected the right choice for your commercial lighting needs.

If you have any questions or are unsure of what flat panel led light fixtures you need, contact the experts at Lighting SouthWest. We are ready to assist with all of your commercial lighting needs.

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